Where Do We Go From Here?

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Cup of Grace recently celebrated our One Year Anniversary, prompting us to reflect on our accomplishments for 2017. We are so thankful to all of our volunteers, sponsors, donors and community members who have given their time and financial support to help us in our efforts. Above all, we are thankful for God’s grace and guidance in our mission to do His work.

Now it’s time to look ahead and create new goals. In the immediate future, we are planning a new program to provide free lunches to kids on the weekend during the summer. Every Saturday during the summer we will be handing out free lunches to kids in the Big Park starting at 11:30 a.m. We hope to see you there!

Where do we want to be in five years (or sooner, God willing)? Our dream is to have our own building, in which we would operate a Help Center, much like this organization: Idyllwild Help Center.

Our building would house:

  • a food pantry, which would supplement the Spirit Lake Food Bank, offering kid-friendly foods for children in need
  • a kitchen and dining area to serve meals throughout the day
  • a for-profit thrift store, which would help pay for the building, food, utilities, etc.

Money earned from the thrift store would also help pay for a voucher program for those in need. Vouchers would be given to people for:

  • clothes at the thrift store
  • food
  • dentist and doctor visits
  • eyeglasses

While our dreams are big, our coffers are low on funds. All of this requires money, and a lot of it! We are gearing up our fundraising efforts to fill those coffers, but our priority will always be to care for people in our community first. If you would like more information on how you can help by volunteering or donating, please call Amy Privitt at (817) 228-5018 or email amy@cupofgrace.life.