Introducing Vanessa

Cup of Grace would like to introduce you to our new Volunteer Coordinator, Vanessa Keck. She wants you to know that, first and foremost, she is so grateful to Jesus for His love and what He has done for her, and she wants to share His love with others. Vanessa lives in Spirit Lake East with her husband and two kiddos, a 7th-grade boy and a 5th-grade girl. They are homeschooling this year due to 2020 events, which has opened up more opportunities to serve with Cup of Grace. They first started volunteering with Cup of Grace in 2019 at the community meals, which morphed into helping deliver groceries and meals this past spring during quarantine. They are also blessed to manage the School Closet at Mountain View High School, which may be their favorite part of volunteering. Vanessa says “those kids are AMAZING!”
Vanessa is very much looking forward to meeting each one of our volunteers.
If you have any questions or concerns about volunteering with Cup of Grace, or if you just want to introduce yourself, you can reach Vanessa at 907-330-7339.

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